KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023)

 KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023).

Water is very essential for the life of plants and animals. Crops cannot be grown without water. Water is a basic need for all. There are many uses of water. So water is a very important resource. It is called life liquid. 71% of the earth's surface is covered by water. In this blog post, KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023) sample answers to questions asked in the chapter and answers to frequently asked questions in this chapter are given, we feel these answers will be helpful in your exam preparation.KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023)

In this lesson, know about 

  1. The sources of water. 
  2. Understand the physical characteristics of water. 
  3. Appreciate the biological importance of water. 
  4. Know the importance of conservation methods for water. 
  5. verify the traditional and modern ways of water conservation.
Recall the distribution of water on the earth, that you have learned in your previous class. Answer the questions 

 1. Where can you find more water on the earth?

Answer- In seas and oceans.

2. What is the consumable quantity of fresh water?  

Answer- The answer is three percent.3%

3. What are the sources of fresh water?

Answer- rivers, ditches, lakes, ponds, wells, reservoirs, springs.

4. Write here the sources of water that you know.

Answer- rivers, ditches, lakes, ponds, wells, reservoirs, springs, seas, oceans.

Name some important rivers of Karnataka.

Answer- Kaveri, Hemavati, Sharavati, Tunga-Bhadra, Shinsha, Netravati, Arkavati.

How many types of wells are there? Which are they? Write here

Answerwells are of two types namely open wells and tube wells.

Write the names of water reservoirs in Karnataka 

AnswerKrishnarajasagar Dam -K.R.S. Tungabhadra Dam, Hemavati Dam.

With the help of these pictures note down the differences of the pond and reservoir in these boxes. Write their uses also. (Get the help of the teacher)

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023)

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023)
From which source do you collect water in your house and at the school? Write here

KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Water in English Medium (2023)
Do this: Collect flowing rainwater in a glass bottle. Collect raindrops directly in a bottle. Look at their color. Write the difference that you find.

AnswerFlowing rainwater dissolves many of the particles in the soil, hence its soil color. When it rains, the rainwater collected directly in the bottle is colorless without any color.

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Take two glasses of water, and add a spoonful of sugar to one glass and a spoonful of salt to another. Stir them and taste both. Write down what you have understood.

AnswerSugar water is sweet. Salty water tastes salty. Pure water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The taste of water is due to the dissolved salts and minerals in it.

Do these activities with the help of teachers/parents. Then mark () or ( ) to the related statements. Correct the wrong statements and write.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 EVS Chapter-7 Water in Kannada

Which are the practices of worshipping water that you have seen in your home or in your neighborhood? When are they celebrated? Write here.

Answer-  When the rains are good and the banks of the lake are full, worship is done, the garden is dedicated, and auspicious ceremonies such as house opening, marriage, naming, and water are worshiped in Kalasa.

How do water sources get polluted?

Answer-  Washing clothes in water sources such as lakes, ponds, rivers, ditches, etc., washing livestock, sewage water is directly added to these sources, and chemical waste from factories is sometimes dumped into rivers and lakes or directly into the ground. Pesticides (chemicals that kill insects) applied to agricultural land often enter surface water and groundwater in large quantities.

KSEEB Solutions For Class 5 EVS Chapter-7 FAQS-

  • What is the main source of water?

Answer- The main source of water is rain.

  • What is the largest body of water on earth?

Answer- Oceans are the largest bodies of water on Earth.

  • What is a spring?

Answer- Groundwater stored beneath the earth's crust is forced out through pores due to pressure. It is called spring.

  • How many types of wells?

Answer- Two types of wells are open well and tube well.

kseeb solutions for class 5 evs in English (2023)


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